What is Anthropocene Cinema?

This is an academic blog designed to explore the multifarious means by which cinema relates to the Anthropocene epoch.

My name is Toby Neilson and I am a PhD Researcher at the University of Glasgow. My research concerns contemporary science fiction cinema and its use as a tool, or framework, through which to illuminate and untangle the ecocritical intricacies of the debates surrounding the Anthropocene. I am interested in the intersection between the human and the non-human, or more-than-human world, and how we configure ourselves in relation to this both critically and philosophically speaking. I am also interested in time, and how science fiction cinema provides an indelibly pertinent, and unique, staging post for investigating our changed relationship with time at this point of ecological crises; as heralded by the Anthropocene.

In upcoming posts I will share thoughts on my current project, and welcome contributions from other writers exploring cinema and the ecocritical debates of the Anthropocene from other angles.

Please feel free to get in touch with me here.